Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Home Buyers Find Gold Mine in Dayton, OH for Residential Real Estate

2008 is a year many homeowners and real estate agents alike would probably like to forget. By realizing the lessons from the past and looking ahead, however, future developments in real estate become possible. Dayton, Ohio is one such example with an over-abundance of empty houses due to the recession.

Area Assessment

One of the most valuable tools in considering an empty house for refurbishment is the location. If the house sits in a community surrounded by several other empty properties, it could be years before the area becomes of any value, if it ever will. Check with the City of Dayton for any upcoming projects for area rehabilitation by means of government grants. You might get lucky and discover the private sector is being welcomed into an upcoming urban development project.

Condition of the House

Not all homes have been empty for eight long years. Begin your search through an exclusive buyer's agent and obtain some history and facts on the property. The next step is to get a professional opinion on the structure of the house. Empty homes can deteriorate faster than those that have been occupied. The amount of money needed for structural repairs can far outweigh the remodeling costs.

Dayton, Ohio is a beautiful city that is also called the "Gem City". The birthplace of aviation, its ability to overcome past manufacturing jobs with aerospace, research, and development is very possible. This could be a good advantage for home buyers to look at DIY projects or even hire contractors to renovate the property. Location and condition of the property are the two areas of concern that should be looked at in revitalizing an empty home in the Dayton area.

In Dayton, empty homes hurt recovery, marketplace.org

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